Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur in both men and women, but tends to be more common in men.

In men, the commonest treatable cause of hair loss is the so-called ‘male pattern hair loss’ or alopecia androgenetica. Medically proven treatments for alopecia androgenetica usually involves the use of topical agents like Minoxidil and / or oral medication like Finasteride ( Propecia ). These treatments can be started after the doctor excludes other ( less common ) conditions which may also cause hair loss, such as alopecia areata, fungal or bacterial infections of the scalp and thyroid problems. Autoimmune conditions such as SLE ( lupus ) are rare in men but may also cause hair loss.

As it is usually easier and more effective to slow or stop hair loss than to regain lost hair, it is advisable to seek medical advice early if you suspect yourself of having a problem with hair loss.

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