About Us

Prudence Family Clinic

Your doctor, for life.

Prudence Family Clinic was established to provide personalized and high quality care to both the local and expatriate community. Apart from general medical services, we have special interests in Men’s Health, HIV & STD management for men and women, and Medical Aesthetics. Our full service list can be found here.

At Prudence Family Clinic, patients can be seen without fear of being judged or stigmatised, regardless of your background or condition.

We believe in protecting our patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

We believe in personalised care, treating patients as individuals rather than just a disease. We take pride in working with our patients to tailor our management according to their needs and circumstances so that outcome is optimised and costs are controlled.

We believe in professionalism, making recommendations based on evidence, experience and sound medical principles.

Prudence Family Clinic. Your doctor, for life.

About Dr Goh

Dr Goh Sze Yi graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in National University of Singapore ( now called the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS ) and is an Accredited Family Physician with the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

He has a keen interest in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine along with extensive experience in Men’s Health and HIV and STD medicine, completing his Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine as well as Graduate Diploma in Mental Health with the Division of Graduate Medical Studies in NUS. He has also obtained Postgraduate Certificates in Practical Andrology ( Men’s Health ) and also in Palliative Medicine.

Kindly note that the clinic will be closed on the following days:

December 2022 / January 2023

25th Dec ( Sun ) to 2nd January 2023 ( Mon ): Clinic is closed for Christmas/New Year holiday

21st Jan 2023 ( Sat ) : Clinic operates only from 8.30m to 12noon

22nd Jan 2023 ( Sun ) to 24th Jan 2023 ( Tue ) : Clinic is closed for Chinese New Year holiday

Thank you for your understanding!