Child Vaccinations

Our clinic offers the full range of child vaccines as recommended by our Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board, apart from the BCG vaccine which is usually given at birth in the hospitals. Where possible, we use combination vaccines to reduce the number of shots that your child requires, such as the 5-in-1, 6-in-1 and MMR-V (measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox) vaccines.

Children who are Singaporean citizens may be eligible for full vaccine subsidies at our clinic, if the vaccines are taken according to schedule. This means no payment is required if your child is eligible for full subsidy.

You can have a look at the recommended immunisation schedule from our Health Promotion Board <here> For children who may have missed the scheduled vaccines, we can provide catch-up vaccinations.

In addition, you may wish to consider vaccinating your child against other common viruses or bacteria including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A and typhoid.

For children born overseas, or for those who may be intending to study or live overseas later, we also bring in vaccines against Meningococcal A,C,Y W, Meningococcal B, Japanese Encephalitis as well as Rabies. Please call in advance to check on availability of these vaccines.

Our appointment line is 6251 5512 or SMS/WhatsApp 9662 5512.

Kindly note that the clinic will be closed on the following days in 2024:

1st May ( Wed ) 

22nd May ( Wed ) 

17th Jun ( Mon )

9th Aug ( Fri )

Thank you for your understanding!