Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm or climax early ( prematurely ) and consequently expels semen ( ejaculates ). The key questions to ask when trying to determine if you may have premature ejaculation are :

            1) Do you ejaculate / orgasm / climax before you wish to? And…

            2) Does this result in frustration or distress to you or your partner?

If your answer to both questions is ‘Yes’, do come and speak with our doctors about the possibility of premature ejaculation. SMS / Call  9662 5512.

It is common to find factors like stress, anxiety, strained relationships, ’emotional baggage’ and other emotional or psychological conditions in patients with premature ejaculation. In patients where the exposure to such psychological stressors are prolonged, premature ejaculation may persist even when the initial source of stress is gone. Hence, premature ejaculation should be seen not only as a condition to be dealt with in its own right, but also potentially a symptom of ongoing psychological stressors which deserve to be examined.

The term ‘Andropause’ has been used for some time now to refer to the man’s equivalent of a woman’s ‘menopause’. In both situations, the key event is the drop in hormone levels which then triggers a series of changes in the physical  ( and even emotional and psychological ) self.

However, unlike menopause, where cessation of menstruation offers a relatively convenient way to gauge onset, andropause tends to happen more insidiously and often without symptoms which link directly to the male hormones. Some of the symptoms which patients may first complain of include :

  • tiredness
  • loss of energy or drive
  • mood disturbances
  • sleep disturbances
  • weight gain despite maintenance of the usual diet and activity levels

As the testosterone levels continue to decline, more obvious symptoms may subsequently appear, including:

  • loss of libido
  • impotence or difficulty in maintaining erections or hardness.

Appearance of 1 or more of the above symptoms can also be due to other conditions apart from low testosterone or andropause. To differentiate the various causes, it may be useful to undergo some form of health screening or at least perform testosterone testing. This is a simple blood test best done before 10am in the morning. Fasting is NOT required. Our appointment line is 9662 5512.

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