Loss Of Sexual Interest / Libido 

It may surprise you to know that a sizeable number of men report a loss of libido or sexual interest on direct questioning. Causes may include:
  • Excessive alcohol use or abuse
  • Medications, especially oral medications used for prostate problems or hair loss
  • Severe illness, such as cancer or stroke or recent heart attack
  • Severe diabetes
  • Low testosterone levels ( NOT common, especially in young patients )
  • Low thyroid hormone levels
  • major depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorders ( eg. victims of rape or child abuse; survivors of calamitous events )
  • emotional stress or relationship problems with partner

Occasionally, pain during sex, frustration from persistent erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety in a patient with premature ejaculation may actually be the root cause of disinterest in sex. Preoccupation with ‘baby-making’ and having to coincide with your spouse’s ‘fertile period’ may also dampen the desire for sex.

Treatment for loss of libido should focus on treating the root cause(s). If you suspect that you or your partner may have loss of libido, do contact us now via call 6251 5512 or SMS/WhatsApp 9662 5512 for an appointment. As always, consultation is discreet and confidential.

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