HPV ( cervical cancer ) Screening
& Vaccination

The human papillomavirus ( HPV ) refers to a family of viruses which can cause a range of problems from genital warts to several cancers in both women and men.

Amongst them, the biggest concern for women is cervical cancer, the 10th commonest cancer in Singaporean women.

At Prudence Family Clinic, we are firm believers in preventive medicine and, when necessary, prophylactic ( pre-emptive ) treatment.

HPV screening helps us to pick up women at risk since women who do not have HPV infection are much less likely to develop cervical cancer.

HPV vaccines greatly lower the chance of catching HPV infection and is a crucial part of our efforts to prevent cervical cancer. In addition, the vaccines also help to prevent vulvovaginal, penile and anal cancer. These vaccines can be taken as early as 10 years old for both boys and girls.

Pap smears help us to pick up patients who already have pre-cancerous changes in the cervix and allow us to refer these patients for early treatment and therefore prevent the cancer from occurring.

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