Men’s Health

We believe that Men’s health is an area which deserves more attention than it currently does. Our Men’s Health Services include:
Specific issues:
  • Loss of libido / sexual interest
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • ‘Andropause’ or Testosterone deficiency – various forms of testosterone replacement are available
  • Male vitality supplements ( plant-based ) are available

General men’s health:

  • Hair loss – alopecia androgenetica ( male pattern hair loss ) and other causes
  • Weight management
  • Acne and other skin concerns
  • Depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions
  • Adult vaccinations ( eg. Hepatitis A & B, HPV / genital warts, Pneumoccocal )

Screening services:

Please call 6251 5512 or SMS/WhatsApp 9662 5512.  All consultations are private and confidential.

Kindly note that the clinic will be closed on the following days in Q1 2024:

29th Mar ( Fri ): Clinic is closed for Good Friday holiday

Thank you for your understanding!